Mutsunori Yamamoto
Born in 1970 in Kyoto and living in Kyoto Japan. Graduated from Kansai Gaidai University. When I was an exchange student in Washington State, U.SA. my host father was an amateur geologist and I was deeply influenced by him. When I visited Yosemite National Park several years later I saw an U-shaped valley carved by glacier and then I decided to study geology. Today I am an external researcher at Osaka Museum of Natural History and a science writer.

Since when I first time visited the Shiretokoiozan Volcano in the summer of 2005 I have studied it for around 15 years. Because it is the world only volcano which expels a huge amount of molten sulfur, and it had been referred by NASA for its study of Jovian satellite Io, I got really interested in and I started studying this volcano. I have visited there in every summer and implemented geological survey, hot spring and volcanic gas analysis, Self-Potential survey, DC resistivity, and studied volcanic ejecta. Recently I started studying the history of sulfur mining and forced labor in this area.

June-July 2018 produced an exhibition "Shiretokoiozan Volcano, its Humongous Molten Sulfur Eurption and its mechanism."
July 2019, Lecture at Fishers' Center at Utoro Shari Japan "Shiretokoiozan Volcano, its unknown molten sulfur eruption and the history of sulfur mining."
April-Sept. 2019 produced "The World-Weirdest Volano Exhibition."at Shiretoko Nature Center and lectured on the exhibition on June 11.
July-Oct. 2019, researched the Shiretoko Sulfur Mine Fascilities and forced labor facility.
Sept 2019-Jan. 2020 produced "The World-Weirdest Volcano Exhibition at Rausu" at Rausu Visitor Center

In the summer 2020 I will implement electromagnetic survey in the proximity area of Crater I to elucidate the space under the ground and find out the trigger of sulfur eruption. I also would like to find out the relation between molten sulfur eruption and hot spring welling at the Kamuiwakka Creek.

I would like to work for deregulation of entering the prohibited area in the Kamuiwakka Creek and its viscinity so that people can enjoy learning volcano and hot spring.

山本睦徳(やまもと むつのり)







2019年7月斜里町ウトロ漁村センタ―で講演 「知床硫黄山・知られざる溶融硫黄噴火と硫黄鉱山の歴史」
2019年7-10月 硫黄鉱山施設跡・タコ部屋の跡地を調査




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